Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SWEET CICELY - Myrrhis Odorata - Sweet Aniseed

0012 - *Sweet Cicely* - Myrrhis Odorata 

An under-rated Sugar-saver herb, something a little different! 

Sweet, aniseed-scented leaves and stalks (fresh or dried) add a very pleasant flavor to sweets and desserts, saving about half the sugar. (enhances the flavour of rhubarb and gooseberry especially, I have found) Of particular interest to diabetics. 

Because the seeds NEED to undergo a period of cold and wet to germinate, they are BEST SOWN IN AUTUMN OR WINTER. Like to be planted out in dappled sunlight, will co-exist under berry plants for example. 

Seeds can be saved in the second year of growth. Attractive lacy white flower, fern-like leaves. Prolific once growing, dies down in Winter, remove brown foliage. Mulch.

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