Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CALENDULA OFFICINALIS - Pot Marigold - Companion Plant

006 CALENDULA Officinalis - Orange & Yellow

This is a very *Happy* plant -they are always flowering, and brighten up your garden areas where other plants perhaps struggle to gain momentum. Bees and other beneficial insects love them too!

This selection contains several different types of flower - some are daisies with button centres, others have none. There are a few orange, but most varieties we grow are yellow. 

Calendula grows well almost anywhere, is an awesome bright flower for the garden, acts as a companion plant and is given a lot of credit for deterring pests! 
It can be used medicinally to aid healing in the skin, on burns or wounds, and alleviate issues such as nappy rash and eczema when made into an ointment. It is also dried to use in cooking and called *Poor Man's Saffron*. 

Great for encouraging the kids to participate in gardening activities, Calendula are hardy, grow quickly and change regularly, and picking spent blooms encourages them to keep flowering. 

Sow directly or seed into pots, depending on where you are - they will often bloom through Winter, as they do in my own garden here in Canterbury. 
Dont put spent flower heads with seed pods into your compost. They can survive, and will seed through your garden. 

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