Monday, April 8, 2013

BALM OF GILEAD seeds - Mint Family - BEES LOVE IT!

0014 Balm of Gilead - Cedronella Canariensis

Attractive strongly scented herb that looks great in a pot.
Growing 2-3 ft,Tall bracts of light pink/lilac flowers in Summer. The plant releases its pleasant camphor scent when brushed or pruned. 

Medicinal uses include reducing  the congestion of  the lungs when used as an inhalant, as a balm to ease sore joints and muscles,  or a cream to aid healing of scratches, bites and sunburn.

Seeds are small, black and hard. Scarify lightly by rubbing them on sandpaper, sow in pots, keep moist until the plant is through,  plant out (full sun) when frost is past, soil is warmer & plant has started to grow leaves. Likes moist, fertile rich soil. Full sun.
Seed pods are formed as long bracts that brown and dry, then expel the seeds into the soil below which if conditions are ideal, continues your Balm supply through to the next season. 
Cut back lightly (shape) in Autumn, plant does not like the cold and will not survive extreme (temps in the minus!) cold, but it will survive with mulch if roots are kept warm (in a pot) 

Note, there is also a tree known as Balm or Balsam of Gilead. This is the HERB that is known by the name Balm of Gilead.

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  1. Hi, I'm after some balm of Gilead small plants and live in Linwood. Can you please let me know if you have some I can buy. Cath 0278708314. Don't email back as this is logged in under my daughter who isn't here.