Monday, April 8, 2013

Strawberry - Fragaria x ananassa - CHANDLER - Sweet Large Fruit, Easy Grow

0013 STRAWBERRY - Chandler

Strawberry - Fragaria x ananassa - CHANDLER is a very desirable productive strawberry, with large sweet fruit. 

Plant seeds inside, keep moist and plant out once the plants have four good sized leaves and frosts are past. 

Plant out in moist well-drained fertile soil with a Ph of 6, in full sun. 
Plants must be given regular water to produce the best fruit. 
Strawberries grow and multiply, and the runners can be cut off, or planted alongside. 
CHANDLER has a high yield, but needs a little love (potash, mulch,and fertilizer) between flowerings.
Snuggle plants into a bed of pea straw over Winter, it lifts the fruit off the wet ground, avoiding slugs and other sucking pests.


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