Saturday, February 23, 2013

SUNFLOWER - Russian Giant - helianthus annuus

005 Russian Giant Sunflower 

Strong thick green stems that support a single large head, the inside where the seeds come from is browny green and the surrounding petals a lovely golden yellow.Beautiful Russian Giant sunflowers tower between 5-7 foot if well composted, watered and fed before they bud. They can get tall and the faces of them get larger which means more seeds! 

They are one of the safe-to-eat varieties, the seeds can be eaten!

Great for encouraging the kids to participate in gardening activities, as they grow and change regularly and dont take too long to grow. Also they have a high germination rate. This year we planted earlier, just as first frost passed, and planted again just in the New Year. They look spectacular when you grow them next to your corn (companion planting)

Best type of sunflower for edible seeds - great for feeding to the chooks too! Wild birds will also have a taste!
Approx 50 days to maturity 

Sow seeds  directly, depending on where you are - plant when frost is past, soil is warmer  - these are pretty strong, but may need staked against wind! 

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