Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Earth Butterfly Seeds, Avonside, Christchurch, New Zealand

Thank You for reading about Earth Butterfly Seeds. My name is Lynne, I am an organic gardener, and I save seeds. Once you start, you find it is an awesome way to learn more about the plants you are growing, and I love plants!
All my seeds are handpicked, dried and sorted and hand packed into little packets I make from 100% NZ recycled paper.
My seeds are grown as naturally as possible without too many additives. I use horse poo mainly, sometimes a dressing of seaweed, and neem oil spray IF required.
I choose to companion plant, and I am fortunate that we do not have significant losses to disease.
My family and gardening blog is here - EARTH BUTTERFLY GARDENING BLOG


Earth Butterfly Seeds was born in Avonside, Christchurch in 2011.
I realized my need to grow food to sustain my family, and found gathering seeds was fascinating because of all the different types.
We had just had two major earthquakes, and whilst dealing with the aftermath, we lived from a very small square foot garden that grew silver beet,  coloured chard, lettuce, onions, beans and several herbs.
For about a month, it was really the only fresh food we had available. Not only were some supplies slow in arriving in Christchurch because of damaged info-structure and buildings, also, everywhere you went, there were huge queues and delays. It seemed the better option to be staying home, to be safe, but also picking your own produce - of course it IS the better option!
It is also thrilling to watch what you have planted  grow, and then getting the benefit of eating what you grow... so satisfying! You dont get that from going to a supermarket !

Now in 2013, my garden covers around half of my lawn space.
I have extended my food plants to include  fruit trees and berry bushes. I rent my home, so like others in my position, I have to make sure these can be shifted. It has proven difficult, but we can shift our trees if we have to. Likely this year I will shift because of EQC repairs.

Currently I have over 200 different varieties of plants, mostly food, herb or companion plants growing. We supplement each meal with our own produce, and I collect seeds to ensure a regular supply for us, and I sell the surplus to be able to extend our range. I aim to grow more with each year. My surplus last year was given away to neighbours and the school my children go to. I am learning how to propagate my trees and bushes so I can show others, then pass them along. There is always someone in need of a plant or two.

Part of my vision is to be able to use my seeds to help others with a similar need of sustainability.
Food Forests are fun! There is always something new growing, or seeding.
Gardening teaches us to have patience, explore our vision and  continue nurturing our plants through difficulties and seasonal changes.
There are insects, there are birds and there are people you can share things with. It is a source of fantastic natural education for us all.
Children need to know where their food comes from, and how they can do it for themselves!
Picking plants to eat, that you have nurtured is an awesome feeling. Being able to share your surplus is so worthwhile. With this knowledge comes an understanding of Nature, and the cycle of life.

Thanks again for reading,
Happy Gardening!


If you would like to purchase seeds, you can find my Trademe listings HERE
If you see others you would like to purchase, but there are no listings for them, drop me a line

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