Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scarlet Runner Bean - Easy to grow Heirloom

002 Scarlet Runner Bean - Organic, Easy To Grow

<Phaseolus coccineus>

Scarlet Runner Beans, collected seed from my own garden, originally given to me from a friend in the West Coast. These have been around for a long time throughout NZ, a gardening staple. 
Attractive little scarlet flowers that bear big pink & black seeds, planted when the ground warms up, directly sown where you wish to grow them. 
These are prolific, will wind around everything in their bid to reach the sun, will possibly need staking and dont like the wind. Can be eaten directly from the plant (yum!) or put in stir fries, salads ... what could be easier? 
Full of natural goodies. 

Plant when the air temp is warmer, the danger of frost is passed. Staking is advised. Stagger plantings across the first couple of months of planting so your bean supply is continuous. They say the more you pick, the more they grow, but I dont know about that... Scarlet Runners in flower attract bees and bumblebees readily.

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