Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin -

001 Winter Luxury Pumpkin - GREAT FOR PIE

An Heirloom variety, this Winter Deluxe pumpkin (C.pepo) grows well and produces around 6-7lb per fruit and 4-5 per vine. Flesh is webbed and sweet, perfect for pie, not so hearty for soup though.
Loves sunshine and compost, a gross feeder. 

6 organic seeds in handcrafted envelope 

Enjoy pumpkin pie, custard or cheese cake? This dessert pumpkin is something a bit special, sweet and fleshy, dont forget to keep some seeds to produce next seasons plants! 

Start seeds off indoors just before last frost, plant out when the weather is starting to warm up, and the days are lengthening. Pick when the Autumn is setting in, vine will wither with frost or extreme cold, a good sign to harvest. Wipe down and store for a few weeks, but because of their fleshy nature, they will not store as well as others.

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